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Human Resources Modules

Our goal is simple: we endeavor to make your life easier! Our HR software integrates, structures and organizes your data, with a dashboard that provides you with a general picture of your organization, according to key indicators responsible for tracking human resources performance.

Personal Information ManagementPersonal Information Management

This module consolidates all employee personal information. It is possible to include documents (e.g.: hiring contracts, medical information) as attachments.

Absence, Vacation and OvertimeAbsence, Vacation and Overtime Hours Tracking

This module gathers data related to various types of time spent away from work. It analyzes trends, identifies critical situations related to excessive absenteeism, and displays costs related to time management.

Training and Development PlanningTraining and Development Planning

This module presents data related to training and development, through monitoring workshop participation and costs associated with training.  This enables a company to track investments and achieve results based on priorities and obligations.

Workplace Accident TrackingWorkplace Accident Tracking

This module retains detailed information on occupational health and safety.  A user can document incidents and their reasons, resulting absences, and action plans to return to work.   This module also accommodates companion attachments with additional information to be monitored.

Performance EvaluationsPerformance Evaluations

This module contains detailed information related to employee performance evaluations. Questionnaires with your company’s specific expectations will be integrated into the system, so that management can analyze and highlight strengths and risks within an organization. The option to keep electronic copes of attachments also helps to manage performance evaluations strategically.

Disciplinary RecordsDisciplinary Records 

This module houses all information related to workplace infractions and disciplinary documentation.  This will greatly assist in eliminating chances for repeat occurrences, while enabling management to respond to situations efficiently.

Our Dashboard

In one click, users have access to a central dashboard that graphically presents the current state of a business, according to information entered into the strategic human resource indicators. Manage With Success also consolidates detailed information into summary sheets for each employee. Finally, a manager can also review previous company information to make better decisions, based on performance comparisons.

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Your Benefits:
Access to an easy-to-use HR software adapted to meet individual company needs
Integrated tools to customize and facilitate your HR management
An innovative and strategic dashboard that tracks company performance
Secure backup and storage of privileged company data
System access (24/7), from anywhere, anytime
HR consultants accessible to businesses that do not have Human Resources departments

Our Customers

Manage With Success is proud to have supported the human resources needs of its customers for several years. Our clients are small- and medium-sized businesses with anywhere from 20 to 400 employees.













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  • Testimonial
    Caisse populaire Desjardins de Thetford,

    Manage With Success is a human resources data consolidator that centralizes all information, to be accessible throughout the organization. The management module “Absences” allowed us to better monitor this particular information, and alone justifies the purchase of the system.

  • Testimonial
    Sinistre Montréal,

    Very satisfied with the system. I worked 10 years in an insurance company that used a large system. I was happy to know that we had a tool at this new company, even though it is a smaller organization. Manage With Success is easy to work with, as the data is centralized in one place.

  • Testimonial
    Germico Services-Conseils,

    With the Manage With Success software, training expenses are quantified in real-time, in order for the user to better monitor these costs. The dashboard is well-suited to the needs of SME at a price unmatched in the market.

  • Testimonial
    Millette et fils Ltd.,

    We implemented Manage With Success in two of our company factories. This has allowed us to centralize company information, to make it accessible from any location. The dashboard allows us to examine the various human resources indicators, which is very useful for company management, the CEO, and factory foremen. The interface is very easy to manage, and the support we get from the Manage With Success team is excellent. We are very pleased with this investment.

  • Testimonial
    Caisse Populaire North Bay,

    We acquired the Manage With Success system to manage HR functions of our company. The program provides comprehensive, easy- to- read, and easy-to-interpret information. Trends can be monitored and analyzed quickly and effectively. Secure access at each level enables management to view highly confidential information. Manage With Success has allowed us to consolidate many HR activities into a single system.

  • Testimonial
    YMCA North Bay,

    Manage With Success is a great system that keeps track of employee training and absences. This tool allowed us to organize our HR activities much more efficiently for our 180 employees! The system is fast, easy, and it helps keep data up to date.

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Data security and privacy are paramount to Manage With Success. We use a SSL 128-bit encryption system to protect your data. Our servers located in Canada, and several backups are conducted daily to ensure that company information remains safe.

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