Our Mission

Effective human resources practices have become the top priorities of businesses. Manage With Success strives to maximize the performance of company human resources, as their efficiency depends on motivated, innovative, competent teams.

Manage With Success’s easy-to-use, comprehensive software assists companies to properly structure human resources management practices in order to optimize company performance. It also enables users to access company data safely and from anywhere, anytime.

A well-managed team = A booming business.

The Vision

Manage With Success simplifies the management of your human resources…

… by consolidating your confidential information on a safe and accessible software…
… by allowing managers of your company to work on a common tool both comprehensive and easy to use …
… by ensuring continuous improvement of employee performance to the specific needs of your business …

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Sylvain Roy

    President and Founder

    About Sylvain Roy

    Sylvain Roy was born in Thetford-Mines, Quebec. He completed his master’s degree in Intervention and Organization Change at University of Sherbrooke, after having earned degrees in management and human resources at the same institution.

    Involved in the development of human resources practices for several companies, Mr. Roy recognized the need for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to have effective human resources systems, and thus developed Manage With Success, to cater to the needs of these business. The software quickly began to gain a reputation for assisting its target audience. In 2011, Sylvain Roy was nominated for the Innovator of the Year Award in the North Bay area, because of his contributions.

    Mr Roy’s passion for human resources has positively impacted the companies he has been asked to assist. He is particularly recognized for his leadership, vision, and strong abilities to mobilize staff and facilitate effective change.

  • Testimonial

    David Talbot

    Head of Software and Web Development

    About David Talbot

    Native from Quebec City, David completed studies in computer science, along with a Master’s degree in User Experience Design at Laval University. David has 15 years of professional IT experience. He began his career as a backend developer, and quickly developed a profound interest for the web and all its possibilities. Mr. Talbot developed many web sites and applications for several projects for various companies, such as Bell Canada, Taleo, and Oracle.

    David’s passion lies in building accessible user interfaces that are connected to elaborate systems. He has experience working with a wide array of server-side technologies, including Tomcat, Rails, and Django. Mr. Talbot continues to explore the rapidly-evolving user interface (UI) frameworks available as web-based and mobile platforms.

  • Testimonial

    Jean-Simon Bolduc

    Business development Director

    About Jean-Simon Bolduc

    Jean-Simon Bolduc was born in Quebec City, Canada. With 15 years of involvement in competitive badminton, Mister Bolduc comes to Manage With Success with great experience in facing challenges. With a degree in industrial relations from Laval University, as well as experience as a human resources consultant for SMEs in various fields and regions, Jean-Simon masterfully analyzes and proposes solutions that are adapted to clients’ realities.

    Mister Bolduc discovered Manage With Success while working as a consultant. Because of the extensive value he found with the tool, he became an active company partner. Now in charge of business development and customer service, Mister Bolduc’s primary responsibilities are to connect with entrepreneurs and human resources management teams, to help them attain structured, efficient HR departments.

  • Testimonial

    Tiana Larocque

    Communications Coordinator

    About Tiana Larocque

    Tiana Larocque has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Studies and a Bachelor of Education degree, both from Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario. She has been using her skills and expertise as a member of the Manage With Success team since its conception in 2009. As the Client Services Coordinator for English clientele, Ms. Larocque has been responsible for answering client inquiries and assisting new clients with system navigation. Using her expertise developed from extensive experience teaching at the college level, Ms. Larocque has also been responsible for the training and development of new clients. Tiana is also responsible for reviewing English client relations correspondence and website information, and also conducts data integration for new clients.

  • Kathy Rancourt-Mercier

    Director Business Development - Ontario

    About Kathy Rancourt-Mercier

    Northern Ontario native and proud of her Franco-Ontarian origins, Kathy studied Community Economic & Social Development at Northern College and on-going studies at Athabasca University. Passionate for business development, Kathy’s career started in the world of radio. Always looking for new challenges, she has stood out with her sales skills and willingness to identify solutions regardless of the project. When Kathy discovered Manage with Success in 2012 as General Manager for a small organization, she immediately wanted to join the team to provide the solution to Northern Ontario businesses. Devoted mother of 3 children, Kathy now occupies a key position and is responsible for Anglophone customer services, as well as marketing strategies and social media.

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