Understanding your finances
has never been easier!

Master your finances and maximize your profit!
Our finance module conducts an analysis of your company income and expenses, and simplifies understanding of this data in an in-depth annual table.
This enables you to easily compare your results with previous years’ performance, and make quality decisions to enhance your company’s future.

Accounts receivable screenshot
Accounts Receivable
Compare your financial statements year after year and observe the differences in your production, expenses and profits. It is easier to adjust future objectives by understanding your weaknesses from the past.
financial statement comparison screenshot
Financial statement comparison
This software illustrates a graph of all your expenses, revenues, and profit performance of the present year. It allows you to see the variances between your actual finances and your target goals.
monthly analysis screenshot
Monthly analysis
Monthly account analysis is presented through colour-coded indicators, providing users with quick and solid understandings of a company’s financial status. This module is designed to simplify financial information, collected from accountants, for easier understanding.
marketing investment screenshot
Marketing investment
It is easier to follow marketing investments with this software; you have easier access to finding out where your money is being spent by tracking it with indicators and setting targets for effective investing.

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  • Financial Situation

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