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How can ManageWithSuccess help my business?
ManageWithSuccess is a virtual program created to help businesses manage their development and pave their way to success. It’s a new, innovative tool that enables a business owner to keep tabs on the company’s administrative processes. From anywhere, anytime, a proprietor can quickly – and securely – capture a thorough snapshot of a company’s two most vital elements: finance and human resource management.
Which business type might benefit from ManageWithSuccess?
We believe that our product will benefit all small, medium or non-profit businesses. However any owner who needs more information, more organizational structure, and strives to be in control of his/her enterprise will be satisfied with our product.
Does this software need a lot of time to update?
As soon as data is recorded into the software, it is instantly available. The amount of time it will take for data entry depends only on the amount of information that needs to be entered. Larger enterprises will of course have larger amounts of data to enter into ManageWithSuccess than their smaller counterparts with fewer employees and factors to record. However, on average it takes no more than 60 minutes to input monthly financial information, and only a couple of minutes per day to record absences, work ethic, or performance evaluations. Also, once per year, a company’s management team must re-evaluate and adjust their targets for the upcoming year, typically taking perhaps an hour to integrate into the system. In sum, this software will enable managers to save time and manage tasks more effectively.
Is it possible to have a written report?
Many questionnaires, graphs, analyses, and reports will be available for our customers electronically. Also, through continuous innovation, ManageWithSuccess will strive to supply managers and owners with the data that they need most. For instance, if you need to track a particular target that has not yet been integrated into our system, we will create a subsection for it.
How can you guarantee the security?
ManageWithSuccess foremost concern is the security and the confidentiality of customer information. And while the software team at ManageWithSuccess took great care in implementing appropriate programming and security practices, the platform as a whole is also being continuously tested by IT professionals to ensure that it remains 100% secure for all of our clients.
Is customer support available?
Our customer service line is available Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30 pm. Also, for a minimal fee, our consultants at ManageWithSuccess will be happy to assist you with any problems you may encounter. We have a dedicated team in place to help you and your employees with our software.
Is it possible to have many users?
There are two types of users who can use the software:

  • Principal User
    This user is able to modify the information and view all subsections of his/her software.
  • Secondary User
    This user can ONLY view the results. He/she does not have the ability to modify any information.

A username and password is required to log into ManageWithSuccess.

  • Testimonial
    Caisse populaire Desjardins de Thetford,

    Manage With Success is a human resources data consolidator that centralizes all information, to be accessible throughout the organization. The management module “Absences” allowed us to better monitor this particular information, and alone justifies the purchase of the system.

  • Testimonial
    Sinistre Montréal,

    Very satisfied with the system. I worked 10 years in an insurance company that used a large system. I was happy to know that we had a tool at this new company, even though it is a smaller organization. Manage With Success is easy to work with, as the data is centralized in one place.

  • Testimonial
    Germico Services-Conseils,

    With the Manage With Success software, training expenses are quantified in real-time, in order for the user to better monitor these costs. The dashboard is well-suited to the needs of SME at a price unmatched in the market.

  • Testimonial
    Millette et fils Ltd.,

    We implemented Manage With Success in two of our company factories. This has allowed us to centralize company information, to make it accessible from any location. The dashboard allows us to examine the various human resources indicators, which is very useful for company management, the CEO, and factory foremen. The interface is very easy to manage, and the support we get from the Manage With Success team is excellent. We are very pleased with this investment.

  • Testimonial
    Caisse Populaire North Bay,

    We acquired the Manage With Success system to manage HR functions of our company. The program provides comprehensive, easy- to- read, and easy-to-interpret information. Trends can be monitored and analyzed quickly and effectively. Secure access at each level enables management to view highly confidential information. Manage With Success has allowed us to consolidate many HR activities into a single system.

  • Testimonial
    YMCA North Bay,

    Manage With Success is a great system that keeps track of employee training and absences. This tool allowed us to organize our HR activities much more efficiently for our 180 employees! The system is fast, easy, and it helps keep data up to date.

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